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Books written by author J.K. Hage | #amreading | #cozymystery | #reading | #kindle

Welcome to the BOOKS page!

Here you will find a listing and descriptions of my currently-available books.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through an affiliate link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can see my disclaimer here.



Sadly, Amazon has discontinued the Kindle Worlds program, which means the Cappuccino Posse series will be unavailable as of July 16, 2018. Stay tuned for news about possible republishing! (I will leave the following information intact until it is clear whether or not the books will be republished.)

Exclusive to Amazon, the Cappuccino Posse series is part of Jana DeLeon’s Miss Fortune Mysteries Kindle World.

Don’t know what Kindle Worlds is? It’s a program via Amazon where authors are allowed to write within a licensed “world” of an already-published series by another author.

Set in the tiny bayou town of Sinful, Louisiana, the Cappuccino Posse cozy mystery series takes place after Jana DeLeon’s first Miss Fortune book, Louisiana Longshot. Although my series introduces a new main character, Pepper Monroe, readers will benefit by first enjoying Louisiana Longshot to familiarize themselves with the other characters and setting.

Oh, and if you don’t have a Kindle but still want to read, you can download the free Kindle Reading App for your computer, smartphone, and tablet. (I have it on all my devices. Because… reading!)


Book 1: Sinful Dreams

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Pepper Monroe needed a new life, she just didn’t know it yet.

Then her cousin Francine called to beg for help running the cafe in Sinful, Louisiana.

Pepper recognized the invitation as a flashing neon sign to start over, so she hopped into her car to make the journey to Sinful.

However, Sinful isn’t the sleepy little town she expected. While Pepper is busy trying to educate southern tastebuds about the beauty of sweet iced coffee, she also ends up in the middle of murder and kidnapping.

And she meets Jaxson, the hottest man south of the Mason-Dixon line. Problem is, Pepper has just decided to get her life together without a man.

But she can’t stop herself from dreaming…


The Cappuccino Posse Book 2: Sinful Lies by J.K. Hage

Book 2: Sinful Lies

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If Pepper Monroe thought her life was crazy when she first came to Sinful, things are about to get downright insane.

First, her dead husband Daniel Monroe turns out to be not-so-dead. After a dozen years, he turns up claiming to want her back.

Second, a mysterious deposit of 50 million dollars in her bank account is causing trouble with the FBI — and brings the mob to Sinful.

Third, the hottest man south of the Mason-Dixon line — Jaxson LeBlanc — and the southern heat are setting her on fire.

Lies and suspicion are flying around faster than bullets. It will take everything she has, along with help from Ida Belle, Gertie, and Fortune, to solve this mystery and set things straight — or as straight as they can be in Sinful, Louisiana.


The Cappuccino Posse Book 3: Sinful Spells by J.K. Hage

Book 3: Sinful Spells

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Jaxson’s mother Olivia LeBlanc returns to Sinful after a 20-year prison stint. Voodoo rumors are flying, there’s a dead body in the bayou, and strange things start happening.

In other words, it’s a normal week in Sinful, Louisiana.

With a full cast of murder suspects, it will take the combined efforts of Pepper, Gertie, Ida Belle, and Fortune to catch the killer.

But for Pepper, that pales in comparison to the experiences she has with Olivia, who has taken a particular dislike to the woman her son is passing time with.

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!


The Cappuccino Posse Book 4: Sinful Pursuit by J.K. Hage

Book 4: Sinful Pursuit

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Pepper and Jaxson take a road trip to visit her family in Wisconsin — leaving Fortune, Gertie, and Ida Belle with free reign at the shooting range.

What could possibly go wrong?

Throw in a dead body, Director Morrow, Agent Harrison, a road trip from hell, a Russian spy, a CIA agent’s unsanctioned mission, and Pepper’s family… Things start to go off-track — fast!

Grab a cappuccino and settle in to enjoy the adventure!


The Cappuccino Posse Book 5: Sinful Moves by J.K. HageBook 5: Sinful Moves

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Join Pepper, Gertie, Ida Belle, and Fortune for another explosive adventure…

When a country superstar and his band find themselves with a broken-down tour bus in Sinful, Louisiana, the entire town turns out to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

But when the tour bus explodes and one of the group members is missing, people start pointing fingers and Sinful’s gossip mill goes into overdrive.

With everyone keeping secrets and danger too close for comfort, Pepper and the Posse pull out all the stops to discover the truth before further disaster strikes.




While I was in the midst of working outside the home, blogging, keeping up with everything at home, and then taking on the new venture of writing fiction, I began to develop the ONE FOCUS Method. Once I refined it and everything clicked, the overwhelm in my life began to fall away and my productivity skyrocketed! Now I get to work from home, write books, and help other overwhelmed overthinkers.

The ONE FOCUS Method: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Yourself From Overwhelmed to Accomplished by Julie Hage

The ONE FOCUS Method: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Yourself From Overwhelmed to Accomplished

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Can you imagine feeling refreshed, motivated, and confident in your abilities to finish what you start? What if you could develop the finishing instinct that would drive you to get things done and reach your goals?

Developed specifically for overwhelmed overthinkers, the ONE FOCUS Method can empower you to do just that. Even if you feel like you have no time, you can read this book and take the first steps to begin implementing the method in less than an hour.

Available in ebook and paperback, The ONE FOCUS Method links to a special bonus printable workbook so you can put the method to work immediately.

Books written by author J.K. Hage | #amreading | #cozymystery | #reading | #kindle

Books written by author J.K. Hage | #amreading | #cozymystery | #reading | #kindle
Books written by author J.K. Hage | #amreading | #cozymystery | #reading | #kindle


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