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34 practical, inspirational, and fun writerly-type gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for the writer in your life? Or, if you’re the writer in your life, maybe you’d like to pick up a little something for yourself? Whether you want to inspire yourself or someone else, this gift guide for writers is sure to have what you need.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through an affiliate link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can see my disclaimer here.


First, a few book suggestions:

1: 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love by Rachel Aaron

2: You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins

3: Business for Authors by Joanna Penn

4: Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott



Writing inspiration

Preparing to write is nearly as important as the writing itself. Most writers develop a ritual to prep themselves for their writing sessions. Anything that helps a writer get into the writing mood, or prompts the words to flow is most appreciated.


5 & 6: Awesome coffee mug — I like a fun, regular mug for sipping hot beverages while getting comfortable for a good reading or outlining session. But when it comes to the down and dirty hard work of writing and editing, I love a spillproof insulated mug. My beverage stays hot or cold even if I don’t get out of my chair for a couple of hours, and I don’t have to worry about dumping a full mug on my computer or research materials.

7: Coffee subscription — Because, yum.

8: Electric tea kettleThis kettle is all sorts of pretty.

9 & 10: Assortment of cocoa mixes and/or teas — Okay, so not everyone loves coffee. But we all like something hot to sip sometimes.

11 & 12: Earbuds and/or noise-canceling headphones — Some writers love to listen to music while they write, others prefer absolute quiet. I use this inexpensive pair of earbuds, which are great for when I want music, and still work pretty well at blocking a fair amount of sound when I want to be around people while I’m writing, but need the quiet to concentrate. Nobody has to know I’m not listening to anything.

13 & 14: Amazon Prime or Music Unlimited subscription — I love listening to music with my Amazon Prime subscription. I can find playlists, albums, or old favorites to fit just about any project I’m working on. Sometimes the music really does set the tone for the finished product.

15: Inspirational/motivational artwork — You can find things like the definition of a writer on Amazon, or do a search on Etsy for some really creative prints.

16: Hotel room — There are times when getting away for a writing retreat is a magical solution to writer’s block. No responsibilities, no distractions — whether for a week or just a couple of nights, this gift is something your writer will love.


17: AquaNotes waterproof notepads — Because the best ideas always arrive in the shower.


Writing tools

18: Scrivener — This is the “go-to” writing software for serious authors. One caveat: I use this on a Windows-based PC and find some things are a little frustrating. I’ve heard the Mac version of Scrivener is much more user-friendly.

kdp rocket kindle book marketing research

19: KDP Rocket — Hands-down, this is my favorite software purchase of the year. For anyone serious about publishing on the Kindle platform, this program is a must-have. I use this program every single day to research keywords for books and AMS ads, idea validation, and competition information. 

20: Laptop computer — Writing is infinitely easier with the proper tools. Something that’s fast and portable is perfect, especially if it has a Solid State Drive to keep it quiet. What’s better than sitting next to the fireplace on a cold winter day, spinning your next tale?

21: Bluetooth mouse — Even with a laptop computer, a mouse makes navigating screens and programs much easier. Get a bluetooth version to save using a precious USB port.

22: Good chair — Sitting for hours every day takes a toll on a writer’s back, shoulders, and hips. An adjustable, comfortable chair can make the difference between joy and pain when it comes to a marathon writing day.

23: Notebooks — A writer’s notebook is a must. Get something small enough to be easily portable.

24: Planner — This Tools4Wisdom planner is so popular with my blog readers, I finally purchased one for myself to use in 2018. Even with Google calendar and all the other planning software like Trello and Asana, sometimes it’s nice to have a place to write your plans, tasks, and ideas and then make notes throughout the year.

25: Comfortable pants — Because, sitting and writing. ‘Nuf said.

26: Mini fridge — Don’t laugh. Sometimes your writer just needs a bottle of something to drink, but running to the kitchen means distraction. Reaching over to the mini fridge is a fabulous option.

27: A laptop bag with pocket for notebooks, mouse, pens and pencils.


Relaxing after a good day of writing

28: Amazon gift card — Because writers also read, especially books about improving their craft or writing process. See my list above for books about writing, or get something by your writer’s favorite author.

29: Kindle Unlimited — Because most writers read voraciously. It’s like a candy store with an endless supply.
Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

30: Audible — Sometimes, even writers prefer audio books. After a long day of staring at words on a computer screen, it’s nice to close your eyes and listen to a book.
Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

31: Shoulder heat wrap — Scrunching your shoulders when you write, or writing a lot of tense scenes, can lead to tight shoulder and neck muscles. A microwaveable, heavy shoulder wrap feels like heaven when that happens.

32: Neck or back massagerThis massage “pillow” is one of my favorite purchases. The heat, the strong kneading action… it feels so good on a chilly evening when I’m ready to relax. (Just don’t get carried away and use it for too long or you will be hurting the next day!)

33: Yoga classes (and commit to going with them) — Because your writer can’t live in front of the computer 24/7. They really do need to move sometimes, and human interaction with a friend. Be a friend, get your writer out of the house to do something healthy.

34: Professional massage — Remember those tight muscles I told you about? Imagine how much your writer would adore a massage. Book one for yourself while you’re at it!


There you have it, a list of 34 gifts that will make your writer’s heart happy. Relax and choose something to fit your writer’s personality. Who knows, maybe your writer will love it so much that they make you the main character in their next book!


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Need the perfect gift for the writer in your life? This gift guide for writers has 34 practical and inspirational suggestions to help make your search easy. | #writing | #giftguide | #writinglife | #whatawriterwants

Need the perfect gift for the writer in your life? This gift guide for writers has 34 practical and inspirational suggestions to help make your search easy. | #writing | #giftguide | #writinglife | #whatawriterwants
Need the perfect gift for the writer in your life? This gift guide for writers has 34 practical and inspirational suggestions to help make your search easy. | #writing | #giftguide | #writinglife | #whatawriterwants
Need the perfect gift for the writer in your life? This gift guide for writers has 34 practical and inspirational suggestions to help make your search easy. | #writing | #giftguide | #writinglife | #whatawriterwants

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